About Assured Software

Our goal is the best possible experience for the contractor, the property owner and the insurance company

When faced with fire or water damage, home and business owners turn to companies who provide emergency, remediation, construction and restoration services for clean up and repair. 

And of course, if they are insured, they turn to their insurance company. 

Our goal is to provide solutions to restoration companies that give them, the property owner and the insurance company the best possible experience while getting things back to normal.

Our products are innovators in restoration

Established in 1997, Assured Software was one of the first to develop software and computer solutions designed for restoration companies  with our Job Processing Program (JPP) and Pack out Inventory (POI) products.

Starting in 2011, we expanded our development and product teams to include professionals with years of experience working for companies like SAP, creating software solutions that many businesses use to make better decisions. 

In 2012, our new team released Assured PackOut™, which is easy-to-use contents listing and management software. With Assured PackOut, we created a revolutionary iPad app that contractors could use at the loss site to record damaged and unrecoverable items. By allowing contractors a free download of this iPad app from the Apple App Store, we give future customers a chance to try before they buy without the nuisance of registering.  Assured PackOut is a success not only with restoration contractors but with their customers, insurance agents and adjusters. 

In 2014, we released Assured JobCheck™which is the only restoration job management system built on the Salesforce Platform™, the number one cloud platform in the world. We chose the Salesforce Platform™ to bring powerful features and security in Assured JobCheck at an attractive price.

In 2016, we released a new version of Assured PackOut™ which uses Assured JobCheck to manage and report contents lists that are uploaded from the iPad app wirelessly using WiFi connection. Because Assured JobCheck has CRM and job management features, our customers are the first to be able to manage contents jobs and lists in the same application.

We want to hear from you.

If you are interested in learning more about us or you have feedback for us, please contact us.

Our offices are located in Vancouver and Kelowna, British Columbia.