Startup or small business entrepreneur,check business growth repInventory management is witnessing a transformative phase with Assured Software’s latest offering: Assured TrackIt® for PackOut®. This revolutionary tool, available for Android and iOS devices, provides a holistic solution for real-time inventory tracking. Best of all? It comes free with your existing subscription.

Key Features of Assured TrackIt®

    1. Easy Transition: Seamlessly move content between the job site, vendor partners, and warehouse storage. The app captures each shift, updating content locations in real time.
    2. Instant Accessibility: The app lets any team member trace the precise location of items or boxes during any phase, eliminating the need to inspect crates or vaults physically.
    3. User-Friendly Interface: Just download the app, log in using your current system credentials, and you’re all set to manage inventory more effectively.
    4. Diverse Functions for Technicians:
      • Swiftly transfer items between different locations.
      • Locate crucial items without hassles.
      • Virtually inspect the contents of a container.
      • Keep tabs on inventory dispatched to external associates.
      • Pinpoint and retrieve misplaced articles.
      • Conclude tasks by returning content efficiently.

Assured Software: Pioneering Future-Ready Content Solutions

At the heart of Assured Software lies a commitment to pushing the boundaries of technological possibilities for our valued clients. Our primary objective is to amalgamate advanced technology with cost-effective solutions, ensuring our clients not only manage their content efficiently but also boost their profitability margins.

Our recent advancements bear testament to our innovative spirit:

      • Seamless Integrations: Our tools easily integrate with Xactimate and Symbility, enabling smoother operations.
      • Real-time Valuations: Get up-to-the-minute replacement cost evaluations, ensuring you’re always in the know.
      • Enhanced Security Measures: We’ve fortified our security protocols, ensuring the safety and protection of your precious data.

However, this is just a glimpse into our technological roadmap. Assured Software has numerous upgrades in the pipeline, set to roll out in our forthcoming winter release. This means you can expect even more refined, efficient, and innovative solutions soon.

Join the Assured Software Community

For those who wish to be an active part of our innovation journey, Assured Software invites you to:

      • Beta Testing: Contribute to our major feature launches by being a part of our beta testers group.
      • Referral Program: Help our community expand and avail exclusive perks by participating in our referral initiative.

In the ever-evolving digital era, why settle for standard solutions? Elevate your operations by aligning with Assured Software. Experience the apex of collaborative content solutions and shape the future with us. For an in-depth look at how Assured TrackIt® can revolutionize your operations, click here: