??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????We get it. Running a damage restoration business isn’t easy. And it is even harder today. Why? Well, between the Ukraine invasion to pandemic-related supply chain snarls, the list of challenges businesses have had to overcome is long and large. Yet, the greatest challenges have centered around the well-known issues like:

Today, we are going to look at supply chain issues specifically. Problems in the supply chain impact damage restoration businesses in a number of ways. Let’s take a closer look at how supply chain problems can raise the pressure on your damage restoration business.

Whether you’re the CEO of a rapidly expanding organization or the owner of a new startup, the fortunes of your business are subject to one undeniable fact: The success of your company is inextricably linked to the performance of your supply chain. If you want to achieve business success, you will need to ensure that your supply chain is successful, too. And yet, here is the problem: you’re not always in control of how your supply chain behaves. In a globalized world, supply chains are susceptible to a number of factors.

How Did We Get Here?

The initial indications of pressures building in the economy were already apparent as we moved into a post-pandemic period. The problem was that individuals and companies dramatically increased their purchases of durable goods. For instance, you may have had a pre-pandemic gym membership. Yet, during COVID-19, maybe you canceled your gym membership and purchased a Peloton machine. It was this switch to durable goods that created huge problems in the global supply chain.

Demand and disruptions were exacerbated by lockdowns. And then, during it all, businesses and individuals were showered with COVID relief funds. So, we had a combination of people and companies flush with cash stuck in their homes and home offices. Is it any surprise durable goods sales went through the roof? Market volatility has been difficult to predict as a result of these unknowns.

And yet, here is something to consider: companies that survived the volatility did so by ensuring they were flexible, adaptable and nimble in their operations. Because supply chain stresses have not gone away. In fact, from raw commodity prices to energy costs, transport costs, and more — some very influential people out there are predicting even hyperinflation.

How Will You Adapt?

Here’s a fact. Companies like yours — whether damage restoration businesses or otherwise — are going to need to get creative when it comes to raising efficiency and cutting costs. And here’s one you can relate to; one you understand. We don’t even remember who said it, but the quote is apt:

“Time is money.”

You know it to be true. And if you aren’t establishing processes, policies, procedures, or investing in products and services that save you time, then you are wasting money. Did you know that according to Business.com over one-fifth of a company’s reported productivity loss occurs due to document challenges? How much time (and money) are you losing trying to track problems with documentation and vendor management?

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