Assured Software products are built on the Salesforce Cloud Platform.

The platform chosen by companies around the world.

The key to your success: pick the best cloud platform

We design work flow and job management solutions for companies who do restoration, remediation and emergency work on property damaged by disaster. But not all cloud platforms deliver in today's demanding world of immediate and complete information and connection.

That's why our products are built on the Salesforce®, the #1 cloud platform trusted by companies in all industries around the world for speed and reliability. 

Salesforce is the leader in cloud technology and spends over $1 billion  per year in research and development  To see how reliable Salesforce® is, go to

In the restoration industry, only Assured Software products have the key to success in the cloud and that's the best cloud platform for reliability and speed and that's Salesforce®.

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Our Products:

Assured JobCheck is an affordable, quick-start cloud system for any-sized restoration company to automate task assignments and information sharing so property loss jobs are done efficiently.
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Assured PackOut is an affordable, quick-start cloud system for any-size restoration company to list, track, and report contents from property loss jobs.
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Look for the "Only in JobCheck" and "Only in PackOut" symbols in our product information:

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Pay less to get much, much more

Millions around the world use the Salesforce Platform®, so we can provide you with features, security, speed and reliability for a fraction of the price.

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