Assured JobCheck™ is job management for any-size restoration company.

Assured JobCheck Mobile Job File

Assured JobCheck automates job files

with features that make it easy to share photos, notes, documentation, tasks, team communication and even contents lists from PackOut. So your job files, your team, and you are current with what's happening on the job.

Best of all, you need NO expertise to set up or maintain, and we're here to help.

Built on the Salesforce Cloud platform, used by millions around the world, JobCheck is automated job management perfect for any-sized restoration company.


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JobCheck Your Job File

JobCheck is the one place for all your job info


Tasks that need doing today.

Real-time updates from your team in Job Feed. Only in JobCheck!

Photos, notes, documentation, contact info.

Contents lists and CRM for contents jobs. Only in JobCheck!

Insurance, adjuster, loss and claim info.

Secure on the world's #1 Cloud Platform. Only in JobCheck!


Access your job file from any device


With JobCheck there's no software to install

Just log in, from any device. Enjoy the speed and reliability of World's #1 Cloud Platform, Salesforce.


Only JobCheck has Job Feed

JobCheck automates sharing job info with Job Feed


Every JobCheck job file has a Job Feed. Here's how Job Feed works:

Techicians on the job text each other right inside the job file!

Add photos, even documentation to comments.

Notifications to phones alert someone right away.

All communication is automatically shared in Job Feed.

So Job Feed has real-time updates of what's happening on the job.


"Job Feed is freaking awesome"

Only in JobCheck


Assured JobCheck automates restoration job workflow.

JobCheck automates restoration job work flow


Your task for that type of job  is automatically sent to you when the job is at that stage.

For example, when a PackOut is completed, your crew simply taps it complete on their iPad.

JobCheck automatically assigns the task to the person responsible to schedule the contents pick up.

All of these tasks are in Job Feed with time and date stamp, in the job file.


Jobs run smoothly so you handle more work


Assured PackOut works with Assured JobCheck

Only JobCheck has contents management


Assured PackOut works with Assured JobCheck!

Just list contents with the cloud version of PackOut iPad app and upload wirelessly to job file in JobCheck.

Now it's easy to add contents lists and management to your emergency, re-construction and restoration jobs.

And only JobCheck has CRM for all your contents jobs


Only in JobCheck!

Learn more about Assured PackOut >>

Ask us how you can add Assured PackOut to JobCheck >>


Assured JobCheck Daily Digest for news on all your jobs.

JobCheck emails job updates to you,  automatically

JobCheck puts all that's happened on each job, like completed tasks and overdue milestones,  into the Daily Digest that is emailed to you every morning. 

Our customers love this feature that gets them up to speed with their morning coffee, and only JobCheck has it!

"Saves me an hour every day"

Only in JobCheck!


Handle Multiple Jobs

JobCheck makes it easy to monitor many jobs at once


Only JobCheck has the Milestone Performance Chart which tells you at a glance which stages and which jobs are behind schedule.


"Our production meetings are focused on jobs that need attention." 

"A real time saver."


JobCheck maps your jobs for easy dispatch

JobCheck maps your jobs for easy dispatch 

JobCheck combined an interactive map of your jobs with a scheduler for easy dispatch of your crews.

See each job, who is there and when, all on a map.

Scheduling a crew member automatically puts event in their calendar and adds them to the job on the map.

And all crew schedules are automatically in the job file, too.

This feature is available in JobCheck Premium and Professional Edition.

Save travel time and speed up your response time

Only in JobCheck


Assured JobCheck Business Dashboard

JobCheck makes budgeting jobs easy

This feature is available in Premium and Professional editions of JobCheck.

With JobCheck, your profits are easy to manage.

Onscreen worksheets turn your estimates and work orders into plans.

Import financial data from Quickbooks, to compare your plans to actual.

Intuit Quickbooks


JobCheck dashboards give you visibility into your business