Assured PackOut™ lists contents and manages contents jobs.

Assured PackOut automates contents jobs.

Assured PackOut automates contents

with the first iPad app for listing contents in the restoration industry.

Crews automatically use a standard process to list.

Contents are automatically organized with photos and condition. 

PackOut has CRM for Contents

PackOut comes with Assured JobCheck, built on the Salesforce® Cloud Platform, #1 in the world for Customer Relationship Management.

No software to install. Just login to JobCheck from any computer.

Locate and return items. Email customized reports and lists. Manage contacts and crews.

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Assured PackOut's iPad app is the easiest for listing contents.

PackOut iPad app is the best on the market today

PackOut screens standardize the process of listing. 

Items automatically organized by room.

Dropdowns for fast listing with no typos.

PackOut app reads barcode tags on items and boxes.

Know who packed the item.

Upload updates, additions and changes to the list as often as you like.

Keep as many jobs on the iPad as you want. You control the deletion of jobs and lists.

Use more than one iPad on large jobs.

Crews need very little training to use the PackOut iPad app.

"Within 5 minutes of trying it, my crews were using it."


Assured PackOut contents reports save time for you and adjusters.

PackOut reports save time

When you buy PackOut, you get Assured JobCheck to create your reports.

JobCheck is built on the World's #1 Cloud Platform for speed and reliability perfect for uploading and sorting through large files of contents photos and data.

Filter to show only items adjusters are interested in.

Reports have your company logo.

Export and email reports straight to adjusters.

"Assured PackOut has made our reporting process of the total loss contents faster, more accurate and professional."

"Adjusters love it!"


PackOut comes with TrackIt

Unlike a conventional barcode scanner, Assured TrackIt does the work of a computer and scanner combined.

So easy, no training required.

TrackIt is the smart scanner for the warehouse

Scan item and box labels with your iPhone or iPad, and TrackIt not only "moves" contents for you, it also allows you to see contents photos, notes and updates. No need to open boxes or run to find a computer.

With TrackIt, you can check box and item counts at a glance so you never lose a box or item again.

TrackIt is Free! with the cloud version of Assured PackOut


Assured PackOut has CRM for contents jobs

PackOut has CRM for contents jobs

With PackOut, you get Customer Relationship Management for all your contents jobs.

Keep track of insurance companies, adjusters, programs and referrals.

Know who is giving you jobs.

Use Account and Contact Feed to communicate to the team inside account file. Send notifications to your team about the account, too!

Notes & Attachments is a central place to store documents, forms, anything important from the account. 

Set reminders for an account related task or event.

Log calls and send emails straight from the account file.

See and access open and closed jobs related to account and contact.

Contents lists, jobs, accounts in one place

Only in PackOut


Free Upgrade for Assured PackOut Customers.

Upgrade to PackOut in the Cloud

Using our server version of Assured PackOut? Please contact us for an upgrade to the Cloud version of Assured PackOut. We can train and help you with the transition.

Number 1 reason to upgrade: Wireless upload of lists to job file. 




List stays on iPad after uploading.

With PackOut, your list stays on iPad, even after upload

You can upload lists anytime, multiple times.

Lists remain on the iPad until you decide delete them.

Uploading sends only list changes to the job file.

Easily make list changes and additions as you work.

You control the deletion of lists and jobs


PackOut manages contents jobs

With PackOut, you manage contents jobs

because PackOut comes with Assured JobCheck. JobCheck not only looks after your lists and reporting, it also helps you manage the contents job. 

Contents Job File, with CRM, is accessible from any device.

Contents Task Templates standardize your approach to contents work. 

Contents Job Activity History and Job Feed so you know what happened on every contents job.

Contents Job Photos, Notes and Documentation accessible from any device.

Contents Job Event Calendar so you never miss a meeting with clients or adjusters.

Contents lists and contents job management in one place

Only in PackOut