In the forward-thinking landscape of the restoration industry, technology solutions not only provide improved efficiency but they also architect the pathway for unparalleled business growth. Assured Software is at the forefront of this innovation. We are thrilled to introduce the Assured ReplaceIt Tool, a transformative feature in the JobCheck software suite designed to simplify inventory management and replacement value calculations. This blog post offers a meticulous guide on amplifying your restoration processes with the integration of the Assured ReplaceIt tool.

A Close Look at the Assured ReplaceIt Tool
Meet ReplaceIt, our advanced real-time replacement value costing tool that effortlessly synchronizes with the JobCheck platform, promising to reshape inventory management. ReplaceIt directly connects with local vendors to fetch the current pricing on available items. It thereby renders an invaluable service to restoration professionals by offering rapid validation for cleaning costs. Furthermore, it simplifies insurer interactions by offering convenient replacement valuations for insurance adjusters upon request.

Embarking on the Journey: Utilizing the Assured ReplaceIt in JobCheck
To incorporate the value of replacement cost pricing for inventory items in JobCheck, consider following these explicitly outlined steps:

  1. Open your favorite web browser (Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer) and navigate to
  2. Log in using your predefined credentialed username and password (note: your username is usually your email address).
  3. Open the specific job for which you’d like to create a noteworthy replacement valuation by clicking on the respective job.
  4. Navigate to the instrumental Inventory tab present at the top part of the page.
  5. To launch ReplaceIt within the Inventory tab, make sure to click on “Replacement Values”.
  6. To search the extensive online vendor list for available replacement cost pricing, consider clicking on “Find replacement”.
  7. Assign a reassuring replacement value from the contemporary given options by clicking on the “Assign Value” option.

You’ll notice that the Vendor, Replacement Model, and Replacement Value are successfully updated in ReplaceIt once the replacement value has been correctly assigned.

  1. Repeat steps 6 and 7 for each item to find replacement values for all required items. This consistent repetition provides an excellent method for wholesale inventory management.
  2. After valuations for all required items are successfully assigned, return to the “Inventory” tab. You’d be able to review the inventory list by simply clicking on the “Inventory” directory placed at the top left of the navigational page.
  3. To view the newly unveiled RCV columns – an array of Replacement values & Replacement model considerations, select the “Settings” filter located at the far right of the screen to choose the columns. Confirm the changes with just a click on “Done”.

Cleaning Pricing Vs. Replacement Cost Pricing – A Holistic Comparison
To yield a comprehensive comparison between cleaning and replacement cost pricing, we recommend this unique procedure. Start by calculating the cleaning price for items on your list, then proceed by assigning replacement values to the same items. Now, while viewing the inventory list in your home tab “Inventory”, add these columns to your chart: Replacement Model, Replacement Value, Unit Price & Total. One peek at our JobCheck Tutorial #48 offers detailed instructions on how to apply cleaning pricing to your inventory items and details cost effective strategies.

Avail Extensive Support and Thorough Training
For an all-inclusive assistance experience related to JobCheck or potential inquiries, never hesitate to visit our online support portal. You can also communicate with our passionate technical support team at 1-877-277-9933, or promptly email us directly at

The Assured ReplaceIt tool is an extraordinary addition to the JobCheck suite, specifically engineered to exceed expectations in restoration projects. Its real-time replacement cost analysis redefines inventory management for restoration professionals in ways unimaginable. By offering this solution, we strive to ease the reporting process for insurance adjusters, ensuring they receive utmost satisfaction. Immerse yourself in the revolutionary world of Assured ReplaceIt and witness a dynamic transformation in your restoration project’s inventory management process, all seamlessly integrated into your existing systems.