The world is getting smaller and smaller. People are more connected than ever before. And as more people connect over networked computerized systems, damage restoration companies must react. Enhanced connections between individuals and companies will speed up reaction times as people communicate more easily. But there are also gains being made as various software and computer systems link up with one another for automated data sharing. Artificial intelligence and machine learning drive this change.

With so many complex systems being networked together, there are things to watch out for. One such danger is interoperability. Issues of interoperability should be on the minds of people working in all types of industries, with disaster restoration being no exception. As natural disasters become more severe, claims adjusting, and damage restoration companies must invest in software solutions that talk to each other.

Interoperability refers to the basic ability of computerized systems to connect and communicate with one another readily, even if they were developed by widely different manufacturers in different industries. Being able to exchange information between applications, databases, and other computer systems is crucial for the modern economy. This applies to insurance companies and damage restoration companies alike.

Different types of interoperability

Interoperability comes in various flavors. They include the three following types:

Why is interoperability so critical to properly functioning systems and processes?

There are three primary reasons why proper interoperability between systems is so important. One is for adaptability. The various systems that take in the information, analyze it and then distribute it should do so flexibly and efficiently.

Guaranteed data cohesion is also quite important. As we mentioned above, thanks to interoperability, important information is managed properly, and control can be handed off without issue. When errors occur, productivity drops.

And this is where productivity comes in. Businesses see productivity rise when they work using interoperable systems. When your workers can work and operate cohesively throughout the entire damage restoration process, they will be happier and work better. It’s your job to ensure that the information is available and accessible to all parties, systems and persons.

That’s where Assured Software solutions come in. Assured PackOut™, Assured JobCheck™ and Assured TrackIt™ are interoperable with all sorts of other content systems. And with our Xactimate integration coming in November, our solutions will be more useful than ever before!

Our cutting-edge content management software has revolutionized the damage restoration and insurance claims industries. We help companies streamline their operations every day. Homeowners have greater peace of mind and claims are processed faster.

The restoration industry is constantly changing and evolving. Software plays an important role in helping damage restoration businesses streamline their operations and reduce costs. Are you ready to up your software game with Assured Software solutions? (877) 277-9933